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Why Stansoft?

Its character-based system is lightweight and easy to use, streamlining accounting tasks. The software also offers flexibility with the option of running locally or on a cloud-based server. A terminal-based application provides for a fast system and easy remote deployment. Having no limit on the number of users per installation allows for scalability from very small to very large companies. The Linux operating system provides a stable, true multi-user environment.

What powers Stansoft?

The user-friendly ncurses text-based terminal interface ensures quick and easy data entry, allowing you to save valuable time and streamline your workflow. Developed using the powerful Aubit4GL / Informix 4GL technology, Stansoft guarantees robust performance and reliability. It is compatible with both PostgreSQL and Informix database engines, providing you with options to choose the database that best suits you. These database engines are relational database management systems (RDMS) giving you a system that is simple, flexible, and productive. The system runs on the Linux platform, but the end users can access Stansoft via a terminal on any operating system.


Released in 2010 and based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Stansoft was initially targeted at petroleum marketers and convenience store operators. Since then it has become more generalized for any type of business. The fuel modules continue to be fully supported. The Fuel Management, Fuel Dispatch and Retail Sales modules were developed for petroleum wholesalers, distributors, marketers, and c-store operators.


  • Custom software programming
  • Aubit 4GL development
  • Informix 4GL development
  • Linux Bash Shell scripting
  • PostgreSQL database administration
  • Informix database administration
  • Linux administration